Vladimir Nabokov

Lucette -- in brackets?

By carolynkunin, 26 November, 2023

Having apparently misplaced my old copy of "Ada," I just yesterday received a replacement. Recalling that the Family Tree that precedes the novel (on pages negative 5-4) captured my interest in the old days, I spent some time perusing it.

It was interesting to determine ages at which Veenian ancestors wed each other (Prince Vseslav Zemsky, for example, was over 70 when he wed the 15 year-old Princess Sofia Temnosiniy). But I also noticed a possibly interesting anomaly (or mere, if unlikely,  typo?) in the way Lucette's name is transcribed. Five names appear in two forms, for example Ivan (Van) and Adelaida (Ada), but Lucinda's other name uniquely appears in brackts, thus: Lucinda [Lucette]. Assuming this is not a typo, what significance could it have?