Vladimir Nabokov

Impact and influences

                 Artists respond to VN

Umberto Eco's parody of Lolita, "Granita" in 1959. Granita is a grandmother.

Kim Morrissey, Poems for Men who Dream of Lolita (1992).  Lolita works in a diner, explains her disappointment with Quilty, etc. 

Camille Paglia, Lolita Unclothed, a documentary, part of Without Walls series,  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3005420/

Pia Pera, Lo's Diary (1995)

Steve Martin, "Lolita at Fifty" (1999) 

Emily Prager, Roger Fishbite (1999)

nancy j. jones, Molly (2000)

Alyssa Nuting, Tampa (2014)

                 VN in Media (World Media?)

                  Writers on VN 

       Orhan Pamuk  Pamuk reads and discusses "My Russian Education." (ZK)

       David Foster Wallace   A scholarly essay on VN as DFW's "enemy." (ZK)

       Zadie Smith See also  portions of  Smith's  book on re-reading Barthes and Nabokov. (ZK)

       Joyce Carol Oates  Her complete essay, "A Personal View of Nabokov."  (ZK)

       Jonathan Lethem Response to Michael Maar's theories about the origin of Lolita. (ZK)