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Re: : Vocabulary 'Lectures on Russian Literature': toxonomic &
“Buxological” here simply means “related to boxes,” from the Latin root buxus, meaning boxwood (or anything made of boxwood).

Unless VN is making a pun regarding something poisonous, I think “toxonomic" is a misprint and should be “taxonomic.”

Matt Roth

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Vocabulary 'Lectures on Russian Literature': toxonomic & buxology


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----------------- There are two words in the 'Lectures on Russian Literature' whose definition I can't find. TOXONOMIC "'Pa-vel l-va-no-vich Chi-chi-kov'; and these syllables have a TOXONOMIC value for the identification of that particular staircase." BUXOLOGICAL "Korobochka's arrival in the town at the crucial moment is described in BUXOLOGICAL terms, subtly in keeping with those used for the above quoted anatomic preparation of Chichikov's soul." I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Rodrigo

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