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SIGHTING: Lolita, Lenin, and Russian culture minister Sokolov
[EDNOTE. Sandy Klein draws our attention to an article from the St.
Petersburg Times. -- SES]

Making waves:
A Russian exhibition in Paris has been described as a disgrace by the
Russian culture minister.
By Jorg von Uthmann

NEW YORK — An exhibition of contemporary Russian art in France is
causing a stir. The 160 exhibits on show are drawing less attention than
the two dozen that Alexander Sokolov, the Russian culture minister,
prevented from traveling to Paris: He calls them a disgrace for Russia.
[. . .]

Some of the jokes — such as Alexander Kossolapov’s “St. Sebastian,” a
half-naked, bound youngster under hammer and sickle — are hard to
decipher. Vagrich Bakhchanyan’s design for a cover of Vladimir Nabokov’s
“Lolita,” showing Lenin lifting a young girl, is wittier. [. . .]


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