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QUERY: Nabokophe sur Apostrophe
EDNOTE. I believe that the Apostrophes interview, subject of a query just posted to the List, may be the one about which Dieter Zimmer posted the following information over a year ago on NABOKV-L. -- SES

> In another direction, I would like to mention that the Pivot tv
> interview isn't the only one where a recording has survived. Over the
> decades, I have collected 10 of them, all in English except for the
> Pivot one, plus the majority of English, Russian, German tv
> documentaries where relatives, friends, colleagues remember VN. In
> some cases, it may be the only copy that survives. Unfortunately, I
> have not been able to find a library or an archive sufficiently
> interested in the tapes to cover the cost of making DVD copies and
> shipping them. So unless one turns up after all, they will eventually
> all be lost. A transcript of the Pivot interview, in German, is in the
> sequel volume to 'Strong Opinions', 'Eigensinnige Ansichten', ed.
> Dieter E. Zimmer, Reinbek: Rowohlt, 2004.

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