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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Physical site commemorating Nabokov at Cornell
This is the most convincing among a lot of words.

I never particularly liked Ithaca or Cornell, but THIS is the first
reason in over a dozen years that I, an ex-pat of almost five decades
in Paris (with a past life in Russia--via lit courses at Haverford,
Bryn Mawr, and Yale and a summer in 1964 in the Soviet Union) to even
be tempted to return to the States. Just as is the VN museum in St.
Petersburg is about the only reason I'd like to return there today,
and awaiting something of the sort in Montreux where I've spent much
more time than Ithaca or St. Petersburg... for just the same reasons
as VN.

But place names were just settings for the actual works. Especially
for voyeurs such as you and I.

It also happens that Nabokov descendants have quite inadvertently
changed my existence today in real life.

Thank you!

Jack Liesveld

Le 9 nov. 07 à 18:23, NABOKV-L a écrit :

> As a Cornell alumnus (who, unfortunately, matriculated after the
> master
> had moved to Switzerland)and a devoted reader, I have long wanted
> there to
> be some significant physical recognition of the immense influence
> that VN
> had for a decade on Cornell undergraduates who were interested in
> literature.

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