Vladimir Nabokov

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Physical site commemorating Nabokov at Cornell
As a Cornell alumnus (who, unfortunately, matriculated after the master
had moved to Switzerland)and a devoted reader, I have long wanted there to
be some significant physical recognition of the immense influence that VN
had for a decade on Cornell undergraduates who were interested in

A year ago I provided a gift to renovate a public lounge on the second
floor of Goldwin Smith Hall (VN's office was in Room 278). It is named
the Pale Fire Lounge and its walls are adorned with fine photos of VN and
Vera, large copies of the covers of first editions of several of his
works, quotes from his writings, and a time line of his life in Ithaca
(after Brian Boyd). The comfortable chairs in this prominent public space
(an alcove opening onto a busy corridor) ensure heavy student use. The
students refer to the space as the "PFL" as in "I will meet you at three
at the PFL."

I thought some people might be pleased to learn that an appropriate
commemorative spot exists.

Phil Reilly

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