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Re: THOUGHTS: Browning and ADA
jansymello wrote:
> John Rea, a knight in white armours brings up the theme of contagious
> smiles thru Browning lines. I couldn't get the link with Ada, though I
> was reminded of VN's "Spring in Fialta" and generous Nina.
> JR wrote: " Those who notice aspects of a "conspiracy theory"amongst
> certain devotees of the late princess, and recall the Browninglike lines
> in Ada, may also note Browning's: She had a heart too soon made
> glad....and liked whate'er she looked on...."

The link with Ada, if someone else doesn't mention it first, is
clarified in BB's (the New Zed one, not the New Zem one) copious
annotation to the poem at the end of Ada 23 which cleverly
parodied both Browning's style, and Royal amours. (I thank you
for the Ludwidgian comparison (although when youger Red was often
though more apt; but my sleep habits have brought me closer to
Charles, and to James, and a certain Russian)


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