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VN SIGHTING: Martin Amis and VN
[Sandy Klein sends this link to an article about novelist Martin Amis,
an admirer of VN and author of (among other things) the title essay in
his collection "Visiting Mrs. Nabokov." The article in the Manchester
Evening News reports that Amis is teaching VN's fiction in his new post
at Manchester University. -- SES]

Mr Amis is teaching two topics as part of the MA - one on the novella
and another covering two of his favourite American-based authors,
Russian émigré Vladimir Nabokov and Canadian Saul Bellow.

[. . .]

Talking about the MA course, he said: "If all this does turn out to have
a theme, it'll be, `Don't go with the crowd, don't do anything for the
crowd, don't be of the crowd or with the crowd'.

"Place an enormous stress on individuality, don't use novelty phrases
that bob around in the atmosphere for a few months, like `no-brainer' or
something like that, which are ways of signalling to your peer group
that you're just like everyone else. Make it fresh, make it your own,
make it individual."

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