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Another retake of the comparison between Nabokov, Angela Carter and Clarice
Lispector: it “makes sense – if you combine the two” writes Sturgeon. What
does he mean by that?

10 Must-Read Books for August by JONATHON STURGEON AUGUST 4, 2015 9:45 AM


The Complete Stories, Clarice Lispector, trans. Katrina Dodson, ed. Benjamin
Moser (New Directions, August 4)

“I was shocked by reality,” Mary Ruefle said of her first encounter with
Clarice Lispector. I know of no better description of reading the Brazilian
author’s variegated, inarguably masterful fiction, although Jeff
VanderMeer’s recent comparison of Lispector to Nabokov and Angela Carter
makes sense — if you combine the two. Benjamin Moser, who has helped curate
Lispector’s emergence into English, describes her as “the most important
Jewish writer since Kafka.” Her long-awaited arrival — of which this is only
the beginning — might be compared to the translation and publication of
Kafka’s work in early 1940s.

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