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EDITORIAL: Change of watch
Dear List,

To borrow a metaphor that my stalwart co-pilot, Stephen Blackwell, just used in a message to me, I'm taking over the steering of our "good ship" for the next three months.

Let me take this occasion to remind all subscribers of our stated policies, accessible via the link below. In addition, remember that there are several hundred subscribers to the List. Although some folks are more quiet and some are more talkative, we hope that everyone will contribute news and opinions, especially about their reading of and research on Nabokov's texts, and that no one will dominate the conversation.

Keep in mind that the conversation is in a public forum: in particular, try to address your comments to everyone who will receive your post, not just one other person.

Happy sailing,
:) SES

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L (Vladimir Nabokov Electronic Forum)

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