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Red dogs
To add to Alexey's flavitous flow (may be also useful for Ada 2:2 comments?):

(1) "across desertorum or agricultural drearies it attained seventy, ninety-seven night-nine..."

This clearly indicates one moving across the North American continent on a fast vehicle.

Note Latin "desertorum", a species epithet given in Linnean nomenclature to many desert animals and plants and meaning "of deserts" (plural genitive),

There, back in the 1950s (e.g. in Texas) one still cound find a.... (2)

(2) ...Canis rufus -- a Red Wolf (literal translation from latin: Red Dog) - an enigmatic, now extinct species of North American canids, which is closer to coyote than to gray wolf; see:

- not to be confused with .....(3)

(3) ...a wild Asian species, Cuon alpinus, or Dhole - called in English "red dog", but in Russian "krasnyi volk" (red wolf), - see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhole --

those should have followed Konstantin Godunov-Cherdyntsev's caravans in Tibet and Tien Shan, where.... (4)

(4) ...the Kyrgyz people of Central Asia consider a Red Dog (Kyzyl Taigan) their progenitor who, according to folk legend/etymology, impregnated 40 maidens (= "kyrk gyz")....
For the whole story see the website of Kyrgyz Embassy,

which brings us back to floramors?...

Victor Fet

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