Vladimir Nabokov


Gerard de Vries trained and has been employed as an economist; he wrote his dissertation (1975) about European monetary unification. He published many articles on art and literature in Dutch periodicals, but his real “violin d'Ingres” is studying Nabokov’s referential art. With D. Barton Johnson, he wrote Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Painting (2006) and published in 2016, Silent Love: The Annotation and Interpretation of Nabokov’s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.

Stephen Blackwell, Professor of Russian, University of Tennessee, is the author of Zina's Paradox: The Figured Reader in Nabokov's Gift and The Quill and the Scalpel: Nabokov and the Worlds of Science.  With Kurt Johnson, he co-edited Fine Lines: Vladimir Nabokov's Scientific Art, and also co-edited In Other Words: Studies In Honor of Vadim Liapunov, and he has published many articles and chapters on Nabokov in various journals and anthologies.  He was the editor and publisher of the last three printed volu