Vladimir Nabokov

Societies and foundations

Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation
     Successor to The Estate of Vladimir Nabokov as copyright holder to almost all of Nabokov's works. For permissions and copyright, contact James Pullen of the Wylie Agency.

     A charitable foundation which disburses funds to Nabokov-related causes. For queries, contact Andrew Wylie of the Wylie Agency. 


International Vladimir Nabokov Society
     History: Founded 1978 by Stephen Jan Parker, in cooperation with Véra Nabokov, as Vladimir Nabokov Society; later incorporated as International Vladimir Nabokov Society. Members were entitled to the print Nabokovian until 2015, when it entered the pupal state before emerging as this website.
     Board: President, Marie Bouchet (Université Toulouse II), Vice-President, Matthew Roth (Messiah), Secretary, Susan Elizabeth Sweeney (Holy Cross),  Treasurer, Chris Link (SUNY-New Paltz), Assistant Treasurer, Adam Weiner (Wellesley), General Editor of TheNabokovian.org, Stephen Blackwell (Tennessee), Conference Coordinator, Dana Dragunoiu (Carleton), Editor of The Nabokovian: Notes and Brief Commentaries, Eric Naiman (Berkeley); other Board members: Siggy Frank (Nottingham), Lara Delage-Toriel (Université de Strasbourg), Brian Boyd (Auckland), Thomas Karshan (Essex), Zoran Kuzmanovich (Davidson).
     To join, see Registration, Membership, Donations tab: entitles members to access all parts of The Nabokovian website, including past print issues of the Nabokovian and its new online notes; all issues of Nabokov Studies; latest instalments of Brian Boyd's "Annotations to Ada" eight months before they appear on his AdaOnline website; and past discussions on Nabokv-L (Nabokov list serve established in 1993 by Don Barton Johnson). 



France: Les Chercheurs Enchantés
     History: Founded 2011. Website in French, English, and Russian. A particular focus of Les Chercheurs Enchantés is their wish to link Nabokov to artistic production as well as to scholarly research.
     Board: President, Julie Loison-Charles; Vice President Research, Yannicke Chupin; Vice President Actions Grand public, Michael Federspiel; Treasurer, Marie Bouchet; Deputy Treasurer, Sophie Bernard-Léger; Secretary, Elena Devos; Deputy Secretary and Webmaster, Agnès Edel-Roy; with Liaison for Education, Anne-Marie Lafont, Liaison for Arts and Artists, Elsa Court, (Liaison for Visual Arts) Jean-Paul Bois-Margnac; Newsletter Editor, Léopold Reigner. Maurice Couturier, France’s pioneering Nabokovian, acts as its honorary president.

Japan: Nabokov Society of Japan
     History: Founded 1999. Founding president Yoshiyuki Fujikawa’s inauguration speech: http://vnjapan.org/English/aboutus.html.
Board: President, Kazunao Sugimoto (Aichi Shukutoku); Secretary & Treasurer, Akitoshi Fukazawa (Daito Bunka); Atsushi Goto (Kyoto Prefectural), Hajime Kaizawa (Waseda), Maya Minao Medlock (Bukkyo), Shin'ichiro Mori (Kyoto), Akiko Nakata (Nanzan), Haruki Takebe (Hokusei Gakuen).

Newsletter KRUG (biannual, 1999-2007); Journal KRUG (annual, 2008- ).