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Re: Freud, Umbrella and Bernheim's experiments.
Despite the interesting mentions of umbrellas that Anthony Stadlen brought
up, I feel sure the main reason Nabokov referred to Freud's "shabby
umbrellas" is the following sentence and any others like it:

"The more striking and for both sexes the more interesting component of the
genitals, the male organ, finds symbolic substitutes in the first instance
in things that resemble it in shape--things, accordingly, that are long and
up-standing, such as *sticks, umbrellas, posts, trees* and so on..."

*Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis*, translated by James Strachey, p.
190. Italics in original.

This sort of simple decoding of symbols seems to be something Nabokov
objected to particularly strongly, as in his comment on the comparison of
tennis balls in *Lolita* to testicles, or as in Shade's comments on
symbolism and Kinbote's laughter at Oskar Pfister's reading of symbols in *Pale

Jerry Friedman is checking his post carefully for parapraxes.

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