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[SIGHTING] [from 2011 ] Ian Duhig's Pandorama Review
"There is a good deal of politics and violence in Ian Duhig's Pandorama, from Orange bands to jihadists training in the Yorkshire Dales and BNP bloggers, but Duhig's great strength has always been humour. Pandorama finds his wit in fine form, veering between the rambunctious and the recondite. [ ] Allusion in Duhig, for instance, typically entails affectionate mimicry: poems to Michael Longley and Peter Didsbury jokily muscle in on their territory (Chinese boxes and the Arian heresy in Hull). He does the police in different voices in Victorian style in "Braque's Drum", combining music hall with a dash of John Davidson's "Thirty Bob a Week" ("George Braque, 'e was an artist an' 'igh Cubist to the bone"). Perhaps "Glass, Darkly", with its meditation on Nabokov's Pale Fire, points the way to the most profitable way of reading Duhig's encyclopedic high jinks. The informational overload we might fear is deliberate: we are forever somewhere between revelation and madness, with no clear pointers as to which is which."
By David Wheatley

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