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Re: Nabokov and Diaghilev
Thank you Jansy. This is the sort of exchange that makes the Listserv
so worthwhile, nay, indispensible. You have given us, and me in
particular, a map with many routes to travel for some time to come. I
know I do have the Grayson book with Beth's article in it, as well.
And besides the books you list, I suspect that Reuel Wilson's
biography of his parents' marriage may yield fruit, and some of the
books on Soviet Culture like a Magical Chorus; from Tolstoy to

And if I may brag a bit, I spent a stress-filled Tuesday bidding in
Bonham's sale of Fine Books and Manuscripts including Russian
Literature- and succeeded in acquiring a small library of
Diaghileviana, and for the Nabokovian in me, the first complete
edition of VN's Dar - yes, Alexey, I shall have to read it now! I
bought Belyi, Khlebnikov, Gumilev, Kuzmin, an interesting Zamyatin
inscription, and a wee bit o' Kalmakov. I even bought a 3-volume
Shekspir - the better to read Pnin with, my dear.

So a whole new field is opening for us and for me in particular to
play around in for some time to come. May it be fruitful!

with many thanks to Jansy, Beth and the List from

On Jun 23, 2012, at 12:58 AM, Jansy wrote:

SE Sweeney : On Dobuzhinsky, Diaghilev, Nabokov, and Mir Iskusstva,
please see also my essay “Looking at Harlequins: Nabokov, the World of
Art, and the Ballets Russes,” in Nabokov's World. Ed. Jane Grayson,
Arnold McMillin, and Priscilla Meyer. 2 vols. London: Palgrave, 2002.
Volume 2 (Reading Nabokov): 73-95.

C Kunin: "...Honing my googling skills after trailblazer Jansy
discovered the path that joins the Nabokov family to the Diaghilev
family, I have a bit more to add to her trouvailles. Could this have
been "hiding in plain sight" all these years?... Did Dmitri ever
discuss this - as a musician, he must have had some feeling of family
pride? What is very intriguing about this is the fact that VN doesn't
mention this first cousin anywhere ever, or did I miss it? Now, from
the other side, the Nicholas Nabokov/Diaghilev relationship I have
googled up some interesting tidbits. Not, unfortunately, what exactly
was the familial relationship. ...A short trip to the archives
demonstrates that some Nabokov/Diaghilev information has been hiding
there in plain sight for some time. On Monday, 5 November 2007 Sandy
Klein sent in a post with the subject line "among his young pupils was
Vladimir Nabokov" [n.b. Dobuzhinsky's style is reminiscent, at least
as described here, of Kalmakov's]"

Jansy Mello: A musical paradise made Carolyn wax very Viennese (btw:
Vladimir Nabokov and Sigmund Freud shared the same dislike, or lack of
interest, for music, but not for artistic scenarios, theatre,
commedias, aso aso...) Actually, Nicolas Nabokov hasbeen mentioned by
his cousin Vladimir. If I remember it correctly, there's something
inSpeak, Memory. and in his letters to "Bunny" ( Nicolas opened doors
to Vladimir but he also got first to a covetted position, I forget
which - Check BB's AY)

Dmitri might have been cautious in mentioning his cousin because
Nicolas Nabokov was deeply involved in the activities related to the
"Congress for Cultural Freedom".
Just a few clicks and we get the following entries that mention one of
Bunny's wives (Mary McCarthy), together with Nicolas, Stravinski ...
(Vladimir Nabokov.contributed only once with an article or short-story
to their cultural magazines and, once again, I forgot what it was). I
haven't pursued this matter in any depth & although I once leafted
through "The Cultural Cold War: the CIA and the world of arts" (where
there's a photograph of Nicolas Nabokov at a cocktail with lots of
other eminent artists) I had to return the book before I read it.

The cultural Cold War: the CIA and the world of arts and ...

Origins of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, 1949-50 — Central - CIA ... Studies in Intelligence
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US
Government agency ... 800 prominent literary and artistic figures
congregated in the Waldorf to call for ... critics Dwight MacDonald
and Mary McCarthy, composer Nicolas Nabokov, ...

Mary McCarthy's Cold War
Mary McCarthy had, and has, a formidable reputation in American in-
tellectual life. .... in that, in retrospect, the great masters of the
visual arts were as before those of .... Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert
Lowell, Nicolas Nabokov, Dwight Macdonald, ...

Culture, Ideology and History - Centre for World Dialogue
It is far from surprising, then, that abstract art would become one of
the CIA's ... Raymond Aron, Nicolas Nabokov, Mary McCarthy, Tennessee
Williams and ...

History of Activism at the Chelsea Pt. 5: Jackson Pollock Raises a ...
20 Mar 2009 – Sickened by capitalist opposition to the W.P.A.'s
Federal Arts Project, Jackson ... guests, including Mary McCarthy,
Nicholas Nabokov, Benjamin Stolberg, ... to the point of writing for
CIA-sponsored publications in many cases.

CIA social engineering via NWOs art was CIA
'weapon' - World, News - The. ... General Secretary, Nicolas Nabokov,
and concentrated its efforts on presenting older .... Dwight
MacDonald, Robert Lowell, Hannah Arendt, Mary McCarthy, and numerous ...

How the C.I.A. Played Dirty Tricks With Our Culture
18 Mar 2000 – The C.I.A., it seems, was worried that the public might
be too influenced ... "The Cultural Cold War: The C.I.A. and the World
of Arts and Letters" (The ... Walcott and the novelists James Michener
and Mary McCarthy, all of ... who included Vladimir Nabokov's much
less talented cousin, Nicholas, a composer.

2 Apr 2000 – The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters .... high-
living, five-wived composer Nicholas Nabokov; the ubiquitous Arthur
Schlesinger; ... Hook, Philip Rahv, Mary McCarthy, Hannah Arendt,
William Phillips, Dwight Macdonald.

The CIA's covert cultural war | Green Left Weekly
24 Nov 1999 – ... (J.T. Farrell, Mary McCarthy, Carson McCullers),
actors (Robert Montgomery), ... CCF general secretary Nicholas Nabokov
(composer and cousin of ... state control of the arts in the Soviet
Union, capital and the state (the CIA ...
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