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monograms in Ada

Alexey has challenged me off list regarding my reference to Victor
Hugo's monogram and its possible pertinence to Ada so I reproduce it
here* - I think it is clear that the monogram can be seen as
representing the latin letters V, H and A, and/or the cyrillic letters
L and N.

*This is Hugo's own rendition. Though not generally known, he was an
excellent painter.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Les Rayons et les Ombres ("Beams and shadows", 1840) is a collection
of forty-four poems by Victor Hugo, the last collection to be
published before his exile, and containing most of his poems from
between 1837 and 1840.
One biographer (A. F. Davidson) noted that this book marks the first
appearance of Hugo as "poet-prophet, whose function is to instruct
kings and peoples about the problems of life." The critical success of
Les Rayons may have brought about Hugo's election to the French
Academy on 7 January 1841, when he took the seat of a deceased
The most famous poems are numbers 34 and 42, La Tristesse d'Olympio
and Oceano Nox.

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