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Help locating Kitezh? V.I. Bielsky?
To the List,

When Professor Taruskin learned that I was pursuing Sirin, the Russian
folkloric bird and early nom de plumage of our own V Cantaboff
(interesting initials, btw), he pointed me in the direction of Kitezh
(as in the legend of the invisible city of).* I have begun listening
to a recording of the Rimsky-Korsakov opera (Sirin should turn up in
the fourth act, I believe) but have been unsuccessful in finding a
reference to a written version of the story. Can anyone help? Is there
a literary version? The name of Rimsky's librettist was Vladimir
Ivanovich Bielsky** if this is should happen to ring any bells?

with many thanks from
unSeen Kunin

*Skazanie o nevidemmom g'rade Kitezhe

** aka Belʹskiĭ, Vladimir Ivanovich Belʹskij, Vladimir Ivanovič,
1866-1946 ...
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