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Fwd: Nabokov, Sirin, Firebird
I wrote to Professor Richard Taruskin, source of the information on
the Firebird cult (from his two volume work on Stravinsky, Stravinsky
and the Russian Traditions) and sent him my recent postings to the
list regarding Sirin. I received this reply:

Dear Ms. Kunin,
Thank you for these very interesting communications and, of course,
for the kind words.
But you perhaps do not know that Sirin actually appears, together with
Alkonost, in Rimsky-Korsakov's next-to-last opera, The Tale of the
Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronia. It is a beautiful
All good wishes, R Taruskin

Very interestingly, the Wikipedia article on the musicologist states
that "Taruskin's book on Igor Stravinsky shows that the composer drew
on much more Russian folk material than has previously been
recognized, and analyzes the historical trends that caused Stravinsky
not to be forthcoming about some of these borrowings".

Sounds intriguing. I have the books and will pass on anything I find
that might throw some light on our own mysterious Firebird. I will
also try to hear or see a recording of Rimsky's Kitezh.

C Kunin

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