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birds of a feather: "Firebird" and "Apollon"?
On May 8, 2012, at 8:17 PM, Jansy wrote, quoting ADA: That sort of
game will never be played again with you, darling firebird. We apollo

Dear Jansy,

Ah-ha! "... firebird. We apollo" could very well be a reference to
the two very similar journals - Apollon, the leading pre-revolutionary
Russian artistic & literary journal published in Petersburg 1908-1917,
and Zhar ptitsa, the important review of post-revolutionary Russian
art and literature published in Berlin ca 1921-1926.

The contributers to these journals - poets, authors and artists - were
of the highest calibre (for example Gumilev, Goncharova, Mandel'shtam,
Akhmatova, Benois, Bilibin, Bakst, Vrubel', Briusov, Khodasevich -
etsy, etsy, etsy) and some were published in both. VN as Sirin
contributed to Zhar ptitsa, but not so far as I can tell to Apollon.
But then he would have still been a school boy when it ceased
publication and he and his family, along with so many of its
contributers, were thrust into exile ...

C Kunin

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