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images re Fulmerford-Kalmakov-Sadko
The Kalmakov picture becomes more interesting. If painted in 1913,
perhaps there is a connection to Mir Iskusstva and the Ballets Russes.
That could also explain why Sadko is in Arabian costume (Ballets
Russes produced Sheherezade a few years before "Death" was painted). I
found these costumes designed by N Goncharova for the Ballets Russes
production of Sadko - for the character of the Sea Princess (perhaps
the dancing figure in the Kalmakov painting is the Sea Princess?) and
the Sea King for the same ballet:


Now the hat on the "Death" figure could simply be a submarine-shell
crown. But there is another costume for the Ballets Russes production
of Prince Igor (this time by Bakst) with a cone-like crown. Just for
fun I include two images with similar cone-headgear:

Finally, if the Kalmakov figure of Sadko is not Sadko, but some
character from the Arabian Nights, here is Nijinsky as a joyful slave
in a costume designed by Bakst for Sheherezade:

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