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express time
The posting was sent before I got it ready, I'll resume the copy of thewhere I was left hanguing

AF,p.72: Pushkin is a rainbow over all the land
Lermontov, the Milky way above the mountains,,
Tiutchev,a spring flowing in the haze,
Fet, a rubicund ray in a temple.

the poem was written "on the occasion of the death of Alexandr Blok in August 1921" In these lines, the great Russian poets will "converge at an appointed time toward the soul of Aleksandr Blok, and: even we/in these years of sorrow and anger,/perhaps shall hear from our prison/the secret reverberation of their song."

Later Nabokov will also speak of arches and bridges in poetery: " my word arches like an aerial bridge across the world." (AF,p.93)

I suppose that by this period Nabokov hadn't yet turned into what M.Glynn designated as an "anti-symbolist" (if ever?)

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