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Re: Nablering on Field...metaphors and similes to express time
Charles Nicol: Field's description of ADA as an essay on the nature of time in which the metaphors gradually become a story is at least partially based on VN's TV interview. I believe that what it ends up describing is the eventual Part 4 of the novel.

JM: Thanks. Charles Nicol. I'll look into the TV interview. Nabokov's metaphors about his metaphors reveal much about his theories on language.
I remember he once said, in a totally different context, that metaphors are a bamboo bridge between poetry and prose. Extending the flow of my associations I
was led to his idea about truth and verosimilitude stated in his French essay about Puskin ("Le Vrai et le Vraisembable") and one of his poems (quoted by Andrew Field, one of the few books I brought along to Rio, so all other quotes will be imprecise, since only kept by simple memory) in which he compares Pushkin and his song to a rainbow.
AF,p.72: Pushkin is a rainbow over all the land
Lermontov, the Milky way above the mountains,,


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