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Re: ADAonline updates (I.31 and illustrations) and Nabokov Upside
Down Programme
1.. PS: In V.Nabokov's commentary to EO (Bollingen) pg.178, we find:
"Pushkin dedicated some licentious lines to an even worse daub by the miserable Notbet in the same series: 'Tatiana writing to Onegin.' This represents a portly female in a clinging nightdress, with some fat breast completely bare; she sits sideways in a chair... I have wavered whether to quote these lines. Here they are, for what they are worth:
'Through her chemise a nipple blackens;
Delightful sight: one titty shows
Tatiana holds a crumpled paper,
For she's beset with stomach throes.

So that is why she got up so early
With the pale moonlight still about;
And tore up for a wiping purpose
The Nevski Almanac, no doubt'.
(One XLVIII)."
2.. Cf. Brian Boyd: ADAonline illustrations www.ada.auckland.ac.nz/images.htm -

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