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Re: ADAonline updates (I.31 and illustrations) and Nabokov Upside
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Brian Boyd: "The annotations and fore- and afternote to Ada Part 1 Chapter 31 are now live on ADAonline, http://www.ada.auckland.ac.nz/. ADAonline's illustrations have been massively updated (comprehensively to Part 1 Chapter 22, still awaiting updates for Chapters 23-30) so that there are now over 800 illustrations. You may like to scroll through Images > Index by Page/Line Number for a visual refresher tour of the early chapters of Ada."

JM: Thanks to Brian Boyd, one of the illustrations by Notbek was distributed online and it's to be seen in: http://www.ada.auckland.ac.nz/110212notbek.jpg

www.ada.auckland.ac.nz/images.htm -
Eugene Onegin,Aleksandr Pushkin (sketch of Tatiana by Alexander Botbek), 11.02-12 · Euler, Leonhard, 171.06-07 · Euraphrates and Tigres, 78.05 ...
Here are the initial connections between EO and ADA as they've been commentated by Brian Boyd:
10.08-13: la Durmanska . . . so dreamy, so lovely, so stirring: la Durmanska, Marina's stage name (from her surname, "Durmanov"), at least in "the great Scott's" publicity: reviewers still refer to her as "Durmanova" (427.22). She is playing the lead role, more or less Tatiana (though apparently misnamed "Lara": see 13.22-23 and n.) in an adaptation or misadaptation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin (see 10.11-12.20 and n).
10.20-11.12: between two scenes (Chapter Three and Four of the martyred novel) . . . : Chapter Three of Eugene Onegin shows romantically-inclined Tatiana obsessed--under the influence of her reading--with Eugene, whom she has met only once.[...] Pushkin's Chapter Three concludes with Tatiana's alarm ...her flight through the park, past the peasants maidens singing as they pick berries [...] The division here therefore corresponds not to Pushkin but to Chaikovsky's opera, in which Act I Scene 2 is the letter scene and Act I Scene 3 opens with the berry-picking chorus and the meeting between Tatiana and Onegin. Demon conquers Marina before the first act is over.

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