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smell of the devil
РЕВШИН. Я ещё обратил внимание на то, что от него здорово пахнет духами. В сочетании с его саркастической мрачностью это меня поразило, как нечто едва ли не сатанинское. (Barbashin's perfume odor, combined with his sarcastic gloominess, struck Revshin as something almost satanic. "The Event," Act One)

Btw., Solyonyi (in Chekhov's play "The Three Sisters," the character who kills Tuzenbakh), too, loves perfume:

SOLYONY. The old man is getting angry for nothing. I'll just allow myself a little sport, I'll just wing him, like a snipe. (Takes a flask of perfume from his pocket and sprinkles his hands.) I've poured out a whole flask of the stuff today, and still they smell. They smell of corpses. (Act Four)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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