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Re: Bachmann
Vladimir Pachman, awarded the Grandmaster of Chess Composition title in
1976, was the older brother of Czech-German International Grandmaster Ludek
Pachman (1924-2003), who was imprisoned and nearly tortured to death by the
Communists in the late 1960s before being allowed to emigrate to West
Germany in 1972, where he later became the West German chess champion.

On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 3:02 PM, Alexey Sklyarenko <skylark1970@mail.ru>wrote:

> **
> In the Appendix to "The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov" we read:
> "Bakhman" was written in Berlin in October 1924. It was serialized in *
> Rul'*, November 2 and 4 of that year, and included in my *Vozvrashchenie
> Chorba* collection of short stories, *Slovo*, Berlin, 1930. I am told
> that a pianist existed with some of my invented musician's peculiar traits.
> I wonder if this pianist wasn't the Odessa-born Vladimir de Pachman
> (1848-1933)?
> In certain other respects he [Bakhman] is related to Luzhin, the chess
> player of The Defense (Zashchita Luzhina, 1930), G. P. Putnam's Sons, New
> York, 1964.
> On the other hand, Vladimir Pachman (1918-84) was a Czech chess composer.
> Alexey Sklyarenko
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