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Re: Two substantive entries in the Index of Pale Fire - Query
slain waxwing's feigned reflection in *window*pane?

On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 7:03 PM, Jansy Mello <jansy.mello@outlook.com>

> Reading through certain scenes, in "Pale Fire", related to the sound of
> branches tapping against the window,* I ended up looking up the
> indications related to "*Windows*" in the Index: "*Foreword,47,62,181.*"
> Unfortunately I couldn't make out what was it that the reader is supposed
> to examine.
> The only other two other entries (that I could spot) used to highlight
> something other than animals, a game, a person's name, a geographical
> detail in a landscape, i.e., an apparently trivial object (like a window)
> referred me to "*Tintarron*"** and to the "*Crown Jewels*" and C.K's
> annotations for the latter seemed to be less confusing because they
> referred to hiding places and spies searching from the crown jewels.
> I had some fun with Dieter Zimmer's choice for capital letters, italics
> and "dort" in Kronjuwelen, *130,681*;s. Versteck, *Tainik*, russ.
> Versteck; s. Kronjuwelen and *Versteck, potainick* (s.dort). He included
> "Windows" ("*Fenster*" - sing.), unlike the translator's choice for the
> French (R.Girard and M-E Coindreau, Gallimard)since I couldn't locate
> "fenêtre" anywhere (I must have run out of synonims for "windows" in
> French?).
> Has anyone already worked over why "windows" were mentioned in PF's Index
> and not, for example, mirror or glass? And to what kind of "window" they
> refer?
> ...........................................................
> *-* A Pale Fire Timeline *by Jerry Friedman
> <https://www.libraries.psu.edu/nabokov/contr.htm#friedman> is a precious
> aid...
> **"In its limpid *tintarron* he saw his scarlet reflection but, oddly
> enough, owing to what seemed to be at first blush an optical illusion, this
> reflection was not at his feet but much further; moreover, it was
> accompanied by the ripple-warped reflection of a ledge that jutted high
> above his present position. And finally, the strain on the magic of the
> image caused it to snap as his red-sweatered, red-capped doubleganger
> turned and vanished, whereas he, the observer, remained immobile."(note to
> line 149: "one foot upon a mountain").
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