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grandiloquent neighbor
Boiling with an impatient enmity,
at home the poet for the answer waits.
And here the grandiloquent neighbor
has brought the answer solemnly.
(EO, Six: XII: 1-4)

grandiloquent neighbor / sosed velerechivyi: I notice that Zaretski was linked up in Pushkin's mind with the hero of Vasiliy Pushkin's The Dangerous Neighbor (see n. to Five: XXVI: 9), Buyanov making a speech at the bordello (l. 58):

Ni s mesta - prodolzhal sosed velerechivyi...
"Stir not," went on the grandiloquent neighbor...
(EO Commentary, Part II, p. 19)

In Pale Fire, Kinbote is Shade's grandiloquent and the Soviet Russia Zembla's dangerous sosed (neighbor).

Buyanov + altyn = Tynyanov + blau (Buyanov - the hero of Vasiliy Pushkin's The Dangerous Neighbor; a character in EO, Pushkin's cousin; altyn - Tatar, gold; Russ., three kopeck coin; blau - Germ., blue; Tynyanov - the author of "Pushkin," Vasiliy Pushkin being a character in this biographical novel, and Wax Person, the story's title reminding one of PF's waxwing)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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