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Two substantive entries in the Index of Pale Fire - Query
Reading through certain scenes, in "Pale Fire", related to the sound of
branches tapping against the window,* I ended up looking up the indications
related to "Windows" in the Index: "Foreword,47,62,181." Unfortunately I
couldn't make out what was it that the reader is supposed to examine.

The only other two other entries (that I could spot) used to highlight
something other than animals, a game, a person's name, a geographical detail
in a landscape, i.e., an apparently trivial object (like a window) referred
me to "Tintarron"** and to the "Crown Jewels" and C.K's annotations for the
latter seemed to be less confusing because they referred to hiding places
and spies searching from the crown jewels.

I had some fun with Dieter Zimmer's choice for capital letters, italics and
"dort" in Kronjuwelen, 130,681;s. Versteck, Tainik, russ. Versteck; s.
Kronjuwelen and Versteck, potainick (s.dort). He included "Windows"
("Fenster" - sing.), unlike the translator's choice for the French (R.Girard
and M-E Coindreau, Gallimard)since I couldn't locate "fenêtre" anywhere (I
must have run out of synonims for "windows" in French?).

Has anyone already worked over why "windows" were mentioned in PF's Index
and not, for example, mirror or glass? And to what kind of "window" they


*- A Pale Fire Timeline by
<https://www.libraries.psu.edu/nabokov/contr.htm#friedman> Jerry Friedman is
a precious aid...
**"In its limpid tintarron he saw his scarlet reflection but, oddly enough,
owing to what seemed to be at first blush an optical illusion, this
reflection was not at his feet but much further; moreover, it was
accompanied by the ripple-warped reflection of a ledge that jutted high
above his present position. And finally, the strain on the magic of the
image caused it to snap as his red-sweatered, red-capped doubleganger turned
and vanished, whereas he, the observer, remained immobile."(note to line
149: "one foot upon a mountain").

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