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Hans Christian Anderson's "Ole Lufoie"
Hans Christian Andersen : Ole Lukoie

For the hordes out there who have been wondering: I offer “Ole Lukoie” by

Mr. H. C. Anderson. I mention it because it involves a sleeping boy entering

a nursery wall picture: Martyn, the young hero of the VN novel Glory (Podvig) who seems to enter the picture hanging above his bed, thus launching the fatal peregrinations of his future himself in a mysterious dark

kingdom suggesting woodsy Zoorland, a.k.a, Soviet Russia.

Any thoughts pro or con? Other possible sources? To see the tale, enter “Hans Christian Anderson “Ole Lukoie”, “, better known in English as ‘the sandman” who sprinkles sand into eyes of children on the verge of sleep.

There are doubtless scads of fairy tales that conform to the schema

but VN’s mother read such tales to her predormitory son.

Don Johnson

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