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I should have explained: Telets is Russian for "Taurus" (zodiacal constellation and sign of the zodiac; cf. Aqua's "astorium in St. Taurus, or whatever it was called:" 1.3), while zolotoy telets means "golden calf" (the Biblical idol). Zolotoy telyonok (the title of Ilf and Petrov's novel) is a play on zolotoy telets. Btw., Taurus also reminds one of Tauris (Pushkin's Tavrida, the Crimea).

Speaking of gold/or in Ada, I forgot to mention the Golden Horde (the Sovietnamur Khanate ruled by Khan Sosso) and the Golden Curtain/Veil between Tartary and the Western World.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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