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News of a Nabokovian
Nabokovians may be interested in the latest work by Bobbie Ann Mason, who
wrote *Nabokov's Garden* (a book which derived from her doctoral
dissertation on *Ada*) in 1974. Mason has, of course, gone on to a highly
regarded literary career of her own. Perhaps her best-known work is I*n
Country*. Her latest novel is *The Girl in the Blue Beret* (2011), which
tells the story of a WWII pilot revisiting the places and people he
encountered after his plane was shot down by the Germans. It is an
interesting book, but not really at all Nabokovian. I attended a recent
reading Mason gave in Asheville, NC, and chatted with her briefly. She had
earlier responded to a question about the authors she believed most
influenced her writing, and cited VN. She says she does not follow Nabokov
criticism at all any more, but continues to cherish his works. She also
said I was probably the only living American who read and remembered *Nabokov's
Garden*! I assured her there were others...

Dr. Samuel Schuman

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