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My article on VN's play "The Event" was up-dated again: http://www.topos.ru/article/literaturnaya-kritika/barboshin-vmesto-barbashina-proiskhodit-li-sobytie-v-pese-nabokova-sob. In the revised version I suggest that Nabokov made Troshcheykin from the cane of Dr Ustimovich (a rather repulsive character in Chekhov's novella "The Duel"), just as God made Eve from Adam's rib (btw., there is Bytie, "Genesis," in Sobytie, "Event," and Eve in Event). In Russian, trost' (cane), trostnik (reed; according to Pascal, "man is a thinking reed") and Troshcheykin are related words.

I have no hope that there would be volunteers ready to help me to translate this article. And I can't do the translation alone for the simple reason that the English version of VN's play (absent from local libraries) is inaccessible to me.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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