NABOKV-L post 0023954, Thu, 18 Apr 2013 12:45:46 -0700

Re: Forever Emerald
Glow little glow worm immer, immer? I actually came across that lovely old
standard in a collections on itunes and was surprised to find that it was
originally auf Deutsch - the title being 'Glowürmchen'.

The legendary oak appears in the prolog to Pushkin's first popular success, his
fairy tale epic 'Russlan and Ludmilla', a famous opera by Glinka based thereon
is still beloved of many (V Markov's favorite composer, by the way). The poema
is referred to by Pushkin himself in the second stanza ofE.O.:

Druz'a L'udmili i Ruslana
Bez predislovia, seyzhe chas
Pozvol't'a poznakomit' vas --
Onegin, dobriy moi priyatel etc.

Dear friends of my old Lyudmila and Ruslan,
May I acquaint you now, without further ado,
Immediately if you'll allow me
With Onegin - a rawther good friend of mine ....

Note how many more words it takes to English Pushkin's elegant Russian phrases.
I don't recall 'Pushkin's poem in Ada, but assume it must be a fragment ofR & L.
How to relate the one to the other is something someone else will have to


From: Jansy <jansy@AETERN.US>
Sent: Thu, April 18, 2013 10:48:08 AM
Subject: Re: [NABOKV-L] Forever Emerald

Carolyn Kunin: Many will recall Pale Fire's Gerald Emerald, too, of course. I'm
not sure if he has ever been discussed on the List.[ ] p.s. Alexey! which is
that 'legendary oak'? a learned cat goes to and fro, no? And why the sea shade?
Kitezh perhaps?? How about that 'immer, immer' - Heine perhaps? or Goethe?

Jansy Mello: Emeralds and aquamarines, amber and pink quartz, diamonds... There
are lots of gems in VN's novels but my favorite one relates to VN's mother's
glittering necklace as described in Speak, Memory.
Gerald Emerald and his tie remains a mystery to me, he seems so insignificant
and, at the same time, playing a crucial role in Kinbote's mind by directing
Gradus to Charlie.
The legendary oak, and cats going to a fro is probably the one you're
hinting at, from Pushkin's poem in ADA? How to significantly relate VN's poem
to Pushkin's ?
Could "Immer, Immer" also indicate a pop song?
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