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THOUGHTS: Lolita in Popular Music
Dear List,

As a sort of whim, while putting together my syllabi for the semester, I decided to compile a Spotify (internet-based music app) playlist of songs that have Lolita in the title. I gave up adding tracks after reaching nearly 100 (over five hours of music). I haven't listened to nearly all of them and the diversity seems to be great (there are a surprising number of German-language tracks). But I thought I would share one that struck me as particularly clever, in that it clearly draws on the novel but also tells its own (satirical, I think) story. There is even an erudite reference to Robert Polhemus' fascinating book Lot's Daughters, which contains a section on Lolita ("Debauching Lot's Daughters and 'The Power of Articulate Art'")-where Polhemus makes the novel assertion that we should see the words "char lot" in Charlotte Haze's name. Anyway, here is a link to the song by MC Lars:

Matt Roth

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