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Re: [Fwd: Re: Sibling incest/Isaac, Jacob and Rebekkah]
Well, that's what I meant -- distant, very distant cousins. She came
from the ancestral homeland -- as I mentioned the muslims still do
this - especially Bangladeshis. They send home for a bride. There is
no detectible kinship, but the implied kinship is there and preferred.

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Subject: Re: Sibling incest/Isaac, Jacob and Rebekkah
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 14:45:48 -0700
From: Mike Marcus <mmkcm@COMCAST.NET>
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Mike M replies to Carolyn:

You wrote:
"p.s. Mr Marcus, Rebekkah is no relation to Isaac. Jacob's servant
chooses her as a mate for Isaac because of her generosity to him and
others at the well, Beershevah, the seventh well. Not veil - well.
Jacob does however send his servant back to his, Jacob's, ancestral
homeland to choose the bride, so only in that sense is she related to
the family. I believe many arabs and non-arab muslims still do this to
this day."

Could all those years of Hebrew school have been for nothing? Since
you had me second-guessing myself, I did a google search for "rebekah
isaac cousins". You try it, and you will discover, on web sites of
many stripes, that they WERE cousins.


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