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Kinbote but not Botkine
furthermore on the subject of nikto b':

I recall, but am not able to conjure forth, my argument for my nikto
b' solution the fact that Botkin [=not] Kinbote because of the extra
'e' -- but see below for serious confusion*!

But our former Mr ED., DBJohnson (chtodel? or not chtodel?) commented
in his old sly wry manner thusly: Woops, wry and sly was Anatoly
Vorobey, but DBJ (is there a rhyme in there, or not?) In any event,
this must be the infamous post in which I get a slight nod from our
former Mr. ED....

*I will try to find and send in the post in which I straighten
everybody out - but do not hold your breaths...


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EDITOR's NOTE. Although Anatoly Vorobey's point (re "hyperexegesis") is
well-taken, the Botkin/Nikto(b) is not so far-fetched.

From: Anatoly Vorobey <[log in to unmask]>
> KINBOT - BOTKIN - NIKTO B.(NIKTO - Russian word "nobody", B - ?)

> EDITOR's NOTE. Yes, it has been noted although not frequently.
There is a
> slight fly in the ointment in that in English the name is spelled
> with an E at the end thus marring the anagram.

Hey, no worries. With KINBOTE, we get NIKTO E.B., which means of course
that Nabokov has inserted a hidden message for us telling that his
Elena Vladimirovna (V being B in Cyrillic) is a nobody (wish Nietzsche
did that with *his* sister!).

Nothing can stand in a way of someone who is determined to find

> It is a theme for reflections.

It is indeed.

Anatoly Vorobey,
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"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly" - G.K.Chesterton

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