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Re: pasternak
No - no time or energy left. But the information is in a book by
Volkov entitled Magical Chorus. Basically he claims that VN was
envious of Pasternak because he, P., got the Nobel Prize that he, VN,

I linked this to other pet peeves of VN's including the truly great
physician, musician and musicologist Albert Schweitzer, another N P
winner that VN chose to loathe. I'm sure you can find them in the
archives - try Nobel Pasternak Schweitzer - that should get you there.

I am going to protest to our Mr ED about turning off the Pasternak
spigot just when we have reached this very interesting juncture ... if
I can pull myself together, that is!


On Aug 5, 2012, at 10:36 AM, John Morris wrote:

Hope you don’t mind my reaching out to you offline. I was interested
in your reference to a Nabokov listserv post you’d written about VN
and Pasternak’s Nobel. I tried to find it in the archive but I am
really hopeless at that sort of thing. Do you suppose you could
kindly pass it on to me? Many thanks…


John Morris

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