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Re: THOUGHTS: A glimpse of Botkin? (Dr. Sutton in PF)
On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 7:26 PM, NABOKV-L, English

> R S Gwynn responds:
> You may be right on this point. Like Kinbote, I am lacking a proper text
> to consult right now!

I hope there's no amusement park.

> I stand corrected. But what might those two names have been? Anagram
> experts?

The full quotation about "Sutton" is "This is a recombination of letters
taken from two names, one beginning in 'Sut,' the other ending in 'ton.'"
I've long suspected the names were "Sutcliff" and "Clifton", but there may
be other possibilities, even equally neat ones.

Jerry Friedman

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