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Re: Responses from Carolyn Kunin on birthday and muscat
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> ***
> But, Jerry, isn't there other evidence that both Kinbote and Gradus share
> John
> Shade's birthday, whatever it is?
> Carolyn

Yes, there is. Kinbote tells us several times that Shade was born on July
5, 1898. He also tells us that he told Sybil that day was also his
birthday (n. 181) and that as King Charles he met Disa during his birthday
celebration on July 5, 1947 (n. 275), not that I believe him about either.
Finally, he says that when Gradus saw a mention of July 1, 1979, in the *New
York Times,* he thought he'd be 64 four days later, which puts his birthday
on July 5 (n. 949). That also means his birth year as 1915, the same as

I'm embarrassed to see I left that reference to n. 949 out of my timeline.
I may fix it.

Jerry Friedman

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