Vladimir Nabokov


By dana_dragunoiu, 7 November, 2022

Nabokov Online Seminars: Description and Call for Proposals

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society is excited to announce a new online series of events, the Nabokov Online Seminars (NOSE!). The seminars will provide the opportunity for Nabokov scholars around the world to develop and share scholarly work with one another in an online forum. All sessions will be free and available for viewing by all. As envisioned, the seminars will occur semi-regularly throughout the year and will create more opportunities for scholars and enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and share their work. Matthew Roth (mroth@messiah.edu) has agreed to coordinate the seminars.

Call for Proposals:

The IVNS is seeking proposals for the Nabokov Online Seminars. The seminars will generally run between one and two hours and may include paper presentations on a particular topic, roundtable discussions, plenary lectures followed by discussion, etc.

At this stage, we are seeking both broad and narrowly-tailored topics for seminar sessions. These could include things like a roundtable discussion of a particular Nabokov short story, a panel focusing on a particular aspect of Nabokov’s work (imagery, style, cultural references, films, etc.), or a seminar devoted to a particular critical article, book, or original address. Once these ideas have been collected and decided upon, further proposals related to particular sessions will be forthcoming.

Send your best ideas to Matthew Roth at mroth@messiah.edu, preferably before November 30 (though proposals of any kind will always be welcome).