Announcing Volume XIV (2020) of Nabokov Online Journal (NOJ) and Call for Nominations for Prizes

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Mon, 02/22/2021 - 04:44

From Yuri Leving, Editor of NOJ

The new issue of the journal will be launched on 15 March, 2021. A Table of Contents can be previewed here:

We invite nominations for two awards: The NOJ Prize for the Best Scholarly Contribution in the Area of Nabokov Studies and for the Best Student Essay on Nabokov.

Entries must be submitted online, to the Editor of the Nabokov Online Journal (
Nominations should consist of a book title and the author’s name.

Any book published in the past 5 years is eligible for competition (2015-2020).

For the Best Student Essay, please submit a file saved as a Word document along with an abstract, the author’s short bio, and the university adviser’s name. All materials will undergo a blind review.

The deadline for entry is March 5, 2021.

The winners will be announced on March 15, 2021, concurrently with the launch of a new issue.

Click here for more details on the process: