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ENC: [NABOKV-L] kotik,
vyhuhol' & belladonna in Ada - and acetylcholine...
Alexey Sklyarenko:At the beginning of the next chapter of Klyuch an alkaloid
of the belladonna type is mentioned: - Алкaлоид родa беллaдо
нны, - хмурясь и морщa лоб, повторил вслух Я
ценко. (The police believes that Fisher was poisoned. Fedosiev suspects
Braun of the murder.) Don Pedro is a St. Petersburg journalist who becomes
a movie man in emigration. On Antiterra, Belladonna is a movie magazine: Van
had seen the picture [the Hollywood version of Four Sisters, as Chekhov's
play is known on Antiterra] and had liked it. An Irish girl, the infinitely
graceful and melancholy Lenore Colline - Oh! qui me rendra ma colline /Et le
grand chêne and my colleen! //- harrowingly resembled Ada Ardis as
photographed with her mother in Belladonna, a movie magazine which Greg
Erminin had sent him, thinking it would delight him to see aunt and cousin,
together, on a California patio just before the film was released. (2.9)
'Your father,' added Lucette, 'paid a man from Belladonna to take pictures -
but of course, real fame begins only when one's name appears in that
cine-magazine's crossword puzzle. We all know it will never happen, never!
Do you hate me now?'/ 'I don't,' he said, passing his hand over her sun-hot
back and rubbing her coccyx to make pussy purr. 'Alas, I don't! I love you
with a brother's love and maybe still more tenderly. Would you like me to
order drinks?' (3.5)

Jansy Mello: I’d like to bring up again the curious and unsolved mystery
created by VN’s referral to both “beladonna” and “acetylcholine” using
an indirect reference to the nightshade plant (cf. the innocent name of the
beautiful lady (belladonna) “Lenore Colline”, or Colleen…). What is VN’s
intention, here?
Belladona drops were used in the past by women who planned to add an extra
shine and darkness to their eyes, since they cause pupil dilatation.
Beladonna is also a deadly poison, and its effectiveness derives from acting
as an “acetylcholine receptor antagonist” (cf. cholinergic and
anticholinergic drugs).

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