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Re: Library of America queries (fwd)
From: Brian Boyd <>
Dear Nabokovians,
For the Library of America Nabokov series, which should be available
a year from now, I am annotating (very lightly, but I hope usefully, all
the same) all of Nabokov's English novels, and wonder if anybody has
tracked down the following. I would be most grateful for any

Pt.2 Ch. 2: [from HH's and L's grand tour]: Works of Art collected by one Rogers
over a period of years] Why do I think this is Will Rogers, the actor?

Pale Fire:
poem, l. 957: Night Rote
poem, l. 958: Hebe's Cup
Commentary to:
line 71: Caudron biplane
lin 181: Bustle and Vanity of the World
line 347: curious Germans
line 549: As St. Augustine said, "One can know what God is not; one cannot know
what He is."
line 691: Gide the Lucid, who praises in his African
notes so warmly the satiny skin of black imps
lines 895-99: "In nature's strife when fortitude prevails / The victim
falters and the victor fails."

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