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Book Reviews (fwd)
1. From: Julian W. Connolly <>
In the latest "Book World" section of The Washington Post (Sunday,
November 19, 1995 [vol. 25, number 47]) there is a review by John Crowley
of Michael Wood's book and of _The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov_. The
review is found on pages 1 and 11.

2. What is wrong with this picture? In Lindsey Hughes' review of Lidiya
Ginzburg's _Blockade Dairy_ (TLS,Nov. 11, 1995, p. 27), we read:
"Ginzburg's composite characters, notably the writer N, 'seige
man', recall other Russian literary creations in extremis: Solzhenitsyn's
Ivan Denisovich eking out his bread ration; Nabokov's K, scrutinizing
the paint of his cell wall; Dostoevsky's underground man."