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VN Bibliography
EDITORIAL NOTE. Eric ROMAN <>, who is preparing
a French bibliography of and about Nabokov, supplies the information
below. The item is a reprint of a short-lived trilingual journal
_Karussel/Carousal/Carrousel_ published by a Russian cabaret in Berlin in
1923. According to Boyd I (p. 218), the journal contained "paintings of
sets, scenes, and costumes, and articles and poems evoking the flavor of
the Russian cabaret." N. contributed, under different names, three
items--a poem, and two short essays (all in English)--
to the second issue which is apparently the basis of the reprint below.
Boyd remarks that the publication marks "the first examples of [Nabokov's]
use of English prose for an artistic purpose." See Boyd for further

CARROUSSEL was apparently published in the
Netherlands in 2 'formats' Hardback and softback; the text/or
texts according to the dealer is/are in several languages.

CARROUSSEL (Aartswowd, The Netherlands: Spectatorpers, 1987)
Hardback (with dustjacket): 40 copies
Wrappers (with dustjacket): 110 numbered copies
"three pseudonymous texts originally published in Karussel-Carousal-
Carroussel, the prospectus for a European tour of a Russian Emigre
cabaret theatre of the same name. This text marks their first book
publication and first republication in any language. With an
introduction by Dmitri Nabokov. wraps with dustjacket"

I will provide you with more details when I get my copy.