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VN bibliography & VN Berg Collection
Two items:
1) Stephen Crook <>, who is cataloging the
Nabokov Archive at the Berg Collection in the NY Public Library, reports that
there are "no access restrictions to catalogued Nabokov material,
except of course the customary requirement that research purpose be serious.
The Berg Collection welcomes all professional scholars, and no prior
permissions necessary."

2) The first Russian biography of VN has appeared. A sumptious
volume of 550 pages with many pictures, it is entitled MIR I DAR
VLADIMIRA NABOKOVA [Nabokov's World and Gift] Moscow: Penaty, 1995; ISBN
5-7480-0012-1. Its author is Boris Nosik, a Moscow writer and journalist.
Glancing through it, one's impression is that it should be used with
caution. My thanks to Russian Nabokovian Alexander Luxemburg for sending a