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Re: : NYPL/Berg (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. Many thanks to Zoran Kuzmanoivch, editor of NABOKOV
STUDIES, for the information below.


>Dieter E. Zimmer writes: A year ago, the curator in charge at the Berg
>Collection was Mr. Francis O. Mattson. Another person was sitting in the
>room, watching all your moves. Dmitri Nabokov tells me that now they have
>an armed guard sitting across from you.

All humor temporarily aside, the Berg is a fine archive.
While the security at Berg is (rightly) considerable, it is not any
more annoying than that of the LoC and certainly less
so than that of the BN in Paris.

For Nabokov holdings, the e-mail contact is

Steve Crook (IN%""),

hardly the armed guard type, but rather a kindly and very
informed fellow who has been of great help to me over the last two
summers even while he was cataloguing not only the rare fruit of Nabokov's
correspondences but also the seven boxes of letters from fans and

Zoran Kuzmanovich